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There is something so raw, edgy yet glamorous about the combination of black and gold... 

With sparkles sparking up the trend stakes at the moment, we can all go that extra little step and add the element of blacks and golds. Whether it's accessories or clothing, it all works! 

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Australian label: HOMAGE: Little Flame

HOMAGE lends a contemporary edge to the landscape of Australian womenswear. It is designed and made entirely in Australia with a very real concern for supporting local industry. 

HOMAGE woman favours easy shapes mixed with sharp tailoring; she is not to fussy and appreciates irony and humour in her dressing. Beyond everything, she is confident in who she is. 

The very first collection, Spring Summer 2012, is quite literally the pansy, or in Italian, Flammola - Little Flame. Seen in a bold and chaotic digital print created by the designer and label founder, Josephine Perkins, the focus of the collection was a freedom of colour paired back with relaxed tailoring, clean silhouettes and art deco style lines. 

Romantic floral lace is found in tiered dresses and skirts that work back with multi-directional pleated tunics - a wonderful contradiction of textures. Suiting for the modern woman comes in the form of longline dresses, relaxed blazers and high waisted culottes paired back with soft modal jersey. 

For more information visit the Homage web site: or follow Homage on Facebook here

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