Exclusive Interview with Zoe Elizabeth Designer, Zoe Weir.

In between oohing and aahing at the Zoe Elizabeth shoot on Monday, I managed to grab designer Zoe Weir for a couple of quick questions about her upcoming range.

Me: Such an exciting range in the wings. What was your inspiration for the summer 12/13 collection?
Zoe: Summer 2012 is inspired by Hollywood poolside glamour.. Everything that the 'iconic' Beverly Hills building inspires.

Me: You have such a great mix of swimsuits, clothing and footwear in the range. Do you desing these pieces to be worn together? 
Zoe: I think the range looks great when all the prints are clashed together. The washed out pastel palette of some of the liberty prints look gorgeous when worn back with faded denim. 

Me: What made you pick the 'iconic' Beverly Hills building in South Yarra for your shoot?
Zoe: Beverly Hills has a certain magic to it. It has so many enchanting nooks and crannies and I love the history that goes with it. Beverly Hills at 61 Darling Street is built around a swimming pool, Hollywood themed in style and surrounded by established palms and a massive Morton Bay Fig Tree. How romantic.

Me: Zoe Weir is a stylish gal in her own right. Who inspires you personally in your style? 
Zoe: That is kind! I have always been passionate about trying new styles and representing your personality through what you wear. I am drawn to things that sparkle, bright prints and items that have a history to them. When you look good you feel great.

Me: Favourite designers you can't get enough of?
Zoe: Preen, Dolce & Gabbana, Yeojin Bae, and anything vintage especially Missoni.

Me: Any other exciting prospects for Zoe Elizabeth this year that we should know about?
Zoe: I am pretty excited about the line of liberty shoes that I have designed to be debuted for this summer. I have also included a range of liberty lycra bikinis and some pretty gorgeous piped cushions that are covering every surface of my house!

Me: Designing a swim line, what is summer about for you? 
Zoe: Summer is about relaxing on the beach with a great book and switching the mobile off. I also love the feeling of salt water on my skin and through my hair, slightly mermaidish.

Me: Favourite holiday destination to slip on your Zoe Elizabeth bikini?
Zoe: You can't go past Bali, Portsea back beach and recently popping down to the Prahran pool mid week for a dip.

Me: The new Zoe Elizabeth shoes are incredible! When can we get these on our feet?
Zoe: I am slightly obsessed with them! They will debut at Magnolia Square in April.... Watch out.

Bring on Summer 2012! First stop for me, Zoe Elizabeth

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  1. Love it!!! Can't wait to view the shoot xx