Positive + Fabulous = Same Sky.

As I draw closer to the launch of my website Quella Collection, an online jewellery store featuring designer statement and vintage jewellery, and my own collection 'Quella'. I am also extremely excited about introducing a very special collection of jewellery to Australia - Same Sky.

I am talking about a "double whammy" here. The jewellery is bold, colourful, on trend and just plain fabulous, and the cause, well, it doesn't get much more positive than this...

Same Sky is a trade initiative. It is a global movement lifting disadvantaged women out of poverty, and giving them the tools to create self - sustaining lives.
Founded in Rwanda in 2008, the Same Sky initiative trains Rwandan artisan women to hand crochet jewellery using unique hand blown glass beads. This employment opportunity helps them to rebuild their lives, their self - esteem and support their families.

I am honoured to have the opportunity to be an Australian Same Sky Ambassador, and I plan to make "Same Sky Stacks" the next "arm party"(the man repeller). 

Take a look at some favourites...

You can also follow the Quella Collection Facebook page here for more information regarding Same Sky, and other Quella Collection treasures.

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